2008 Goals

by Administrator 1. January 2008 18:59

It would appear that I did not blog my 2007 goals, the meeting of which were a mixed bag.  I do have some solid 2008 goals.

  1. Debt:  Jen and I have never very agressively went after paying off the student loans and credit cards but carrying debt has started to bother me a bit more in light of the current state of the economy, and I'd just like to have that $$ to spend and save every month.  An aggressive but attainable 2008 goal is to reduce the debt by 33%.
  2. MVP: I'd like to keep my Microsoft MVP - Solution Architecture status.  I need to seriously get my arse in gear on this one, but since my wife starts on days next week I can get back into speaking engagements and such.
  3. Total home organization: This one is hard to explain without making me sound like an OCD nutjob.  There are various things all over the house that are just sitting on the floor of the closet, etc. because there was no other place to put them.  I spent a rather large amount of time this past fall setting up shelving, getting rid of moving boxes, and buying storage bins but there's honestly not a single room in the house I could call "done" except maybe for my kitchen.  I'm hoping to get this task to 90% before Kid #2 is born.
  4. Save: I save a fair bit every month and I usually drain the accounts 1x per year in order to purchase some kind of toy, usually audio/home theater related.  In 2008 I want to save enough to take advantage of this poor real estate market and buy some land.
  5. Let it go: This one is a bit personal, but I'll vaguely phrase it as "I don't have time for people who don't have time for me", no matter how much history there might be.

I have some other minor goals that are not official Resolutions.  There are some home improvement projects I'd like to get done, I'd like to build a great team at work (unfortunately largely out of my control), I'd like to build my cellar up to about 50 bottles of wine, and exercise a little bit. 


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Mary Baumer
Mary Baumer
1/1/2008 11:52:59 PM #

Good luck on #3, the more kids you have the less that goal becomes attainable on a daily basis...somehow in the middle of the night the house elves creep out and disorganize all the crap I organized the day before, gets worse as the kids get older and get more stuff.....i too have plastic bins to organize crap...the plastic bins stand empty on the shelf and the crap is everywhere on the floor. looks like santa's workshop exploded all over the floor.


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