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by Administrator 29. August 2007 03:15

I was left a comment tonight from someone saying "I want my money back - from your blog."  Apparently I have not written enough this summer to suit some!  I don't apologize for not blogging, nor for mentioning articles that will come out some day.  In the words of John Carmack "It's done when it's done".  I also try to keep the signal to noise ratio high as opposed to blogging about my trip to Starbucks or how fun it is to mow the lawn.    I haven't been able to blog at work lately, and at home I must confess I've been sucked back into acoustics for a while.  My acoustic treatment project is turning out to be much more complicated than I thought, as the science of the field has advanced far beyond "Master Handbook of Acoustics".


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8/29/2007 4:45:41 AM #

I want my baby back ribs!


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