by Administrator 13. November 2006 19:23

Despite being a Microsoft FanBoy, I have long enjoyed the Playstation franchise.  While I don't have the time to procure one by camping out the video of Final Fantasy XIII has convinced me that the PS3 is going to ultimately be the dominant platform yet again.  There aren't any launch games I'm interested in but if I saw one sitting on the shelf at Target I'd probably pick it up just for a BluRay player.

Note to Sony and MSFT: you suck when it comes to releasing your consoles.  Sony expects to sell 7,000,000 units as quickly as they can make them and I see no reason to doubt it.  Why, then, launch with only 400,000 units in the US?  That's 8,000 per state if distributed evenly, and how many BestBuy, KMart, Target, Walmart, EBGames, Toys 'R Us are they then split between?  What's the point of advertising and such when not even half of the "very hard core gamers" will be able to get one. 


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