Microsoft Tech Ed 2005

by Damon 18. February 2005 06:00
Well, I got verbal confirmation from my new employer that I'll be attending Microsoft Tech Ed this summer. This year's event takes place in Orlando, Florida. Nice location for a geek vacation.

This is kind of a big deal to me because throughout my career things like training and conferences hasn't really worked out. The only trip I've taken on someone else's dime was a two day Scrum Master certification in Denver(Which was cool by the way). Going to a conference (I've heard) is a rejuvenating experience. If you're like me and typically spending more time implementing stuff than reading about the up and coming new tools, this seems like a fantastic way to shuffle off the burnout and get excited about life in the world of Software all over again.

I believe my family is going to come with me for at least part of the week, I think we'll be taking the munchkin to see The Ocean and Seaworld and such the weekend before. As far as the Tech Ed content, I plan to be primarily in the Architecture and Mobile tracts, assuming I can weave a schedule back and forth between those two.

If any other Wisconsin folks are going and need someone to hang out with, contact me.


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