WinJS at FVNUG this Weekend

by Damon Payne 23. April 2012 20:52

This weekend I'll be presenting on WinJS and HTML5 development at the Fox Valley Day of .NET in Appleton, WI

Do you want to build native applications in JavaScript?  The HTML5/CSS/JavaScript stack shown at Build 2011 caused quite a ruckus within the .NET and Web Developer communities. We won’t talk about Plugins vs. HTML5 too much, but we will take a hard look at how well WinJS delivers on the promises of re-using Web Developer skills for Windows 8 and making JavaScript a first class citizen in the Windows 8 ecosystem. Come to this session to explore common smart-client application techniques such as control/UI, navigation, data-binding, service consumption, and more.  XAML developers looking for a peek at the dark side are welcome.

I hope to see you there!

If you're interested, there is also a day long HTML 5 and Azure boot camp coming up too.


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No Games Until May 15th

by Damon Payne 2. April 2012 11:32

While I don't blog or tweet about it much, I'm a gamer.  I like games.  A lot.  I'm a one-game gamer: I tend to play one game exhaustively until it loses its appeal or I've accomplished most of what I wanted to. Being one of my favorite leisure activities, this hobby tends to get in the way of productive work. When I get home and sit down at my workstation it's way too easy to click the Battlefield 3 icon instead of the Visual Studio icon.

Diablo 3 Comes out May 15th

In terms of my historical game addiction a few titles come to mind: Final Fantasy 7 for the original Playstation nearly ruined a semester of college.  Diablo 2 was an utterly obscene time sink when it came out so many years ago. I've been obsessively following the development and recent release date announcement for Diablo 3, and I have to admit I'm worried. You see, I have kids now. There's a lot going on this year and I can't just drop off the map for long enough to get my initial fix. I must, therefore, maximize my productivity between now and May 15th.

I hereby swear, before these internets, that I will play no video games until the midnight launch of Diablo 3.


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