Windows 8 CP Challenge [0]

by Damon Payne 1. March 2012 11:32

Like many people, I grabbed the Windows 8 Customer Preview yesterday.  I decided, since I'm at a conference right now, to try to Live in Windows 8 and VS 2011 for the rest of the week until Monday. 

Installation over the top of the Windows 8 Developer Preview from build was quick and painless.  I chose not to log in using my Live account as I don't trust it yet (more on this choice later) and get some basic apps installed such as Metro Twit and Paint.NET.  Generally speaking, I like the look and feel of Windows 8 so far and it seems to run as well as the Developer Preview.  As a keyboard guy without a touch laptop I'm finding things like this article from Tim fairly helpful.  I'll be writing seperate articles on other aspects of Dev 11 and the apps that ship with Windows 8 Consumer Preview as I get time.


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