2012 MVP Summit

by Damon Payne 27. February 2012 17:28

The first rule about the MVP Summit is that you do not talk about the MVP Summit...

I'm back in the Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue area for the 2012 global MVP summit.  Obviously what goes on out here is under NDA so I can't blog about it.  There's a lot of reasons to come out here every year: interact with the Microsoft teams who build the tools I use, connect with other MVPs I might only know through Twitter or their blogs, and recharge.

Here in the afternoon of the first day, I'm already feeling a little more myself.  Conferences like this carry a huge benefit that it's hard to put a price tag on: a chance to step back and reflect, and get re-enganged in your career and your love of technology.  I'm hoping for some serious reduction in Burnout this week, wish me luck!


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Damon Payne is a Microsoft MVP specializing in Smart Client solution architecture. 

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