Build and WinRT Talk in Madison

by Damon Payne 31. October 2011 13:34

This week Wednesday, November 2nd, I'll be in Madison, WI with my //Build conference recap and intro to WinRT programming talk.  If you were at the Milwaukee talk, I have some more WinJS goodies and more realistic example applications.  If you plan on attending please register at the Mad .NET web site:

I hope to see some of you there.


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Code and Slides from Milwaukee WinRT

by Damon Payne 12. October 2011 22:57

Here are the slides and sample apps from the //Build Conference and WinRT intro





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Speaking: Build and WinRT in Milwaukee

by Damon Payne 9. October 2011 20:32

This coming Tuesday, October 11th I will be speaking at the Milwaukee .NET User's Group on the topic of the recent Microsoft //Build conference. 

Microsoft has shown us a glimpse of the Windows 8 platform and the future of application development. What does that mean for us as .NET developers: are Silverlight and WPF dead? What is WinRT? Do I have to learn HTML 5 and C++? Please join us for a discussion of these topics and a healthy amount of Windows 8 development examples.

You can find registration details here:

There will be a little bit of "Here look at how cool Windows 8 is" but that type of presentation is only fun in large scale keynotes in my opinion.  We'll be going over some WinRT applications and hopefully answering a lot of your questions about the future directions for development on Windows platforms.  I'll be presenting from a Windows 8 laptop and will be able to show anything you'd like to see of the OS itself or the developer preview tooling.


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Still Here

by Damon Payne 5. October 2011 14:19

Yes, I took the entire month of September off of blogging.

No, I’m not sorry.  Sometimes you just need a break.




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