Edgenet Product Data Live on Bing.com !

by Damon Payne 30. June 2011 20:32

Several times since last summer, I have written about my massive data collection projects at Edgenet/BigHammer.  This has been a long time in coming, but product data is now live on Microsoft Bing!  We have partnered with Microsoft Bing to get the best product data in the business to be factored into Bing Shopping search results.  The user facing portions of our data collection efforts amount to what I assume is one of the largest production Silverlight 4 applications out there.

Here are some bing shopping search results:




If you scroll down to each page below the images and specifications you'll see the Data from edgenet logo.

Read more at: http://bing.edgenet.com/



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Speaking at Milwaukee Area Silverlight SIG

by Damon Payne 5. June 2011 19:03

Long ago, when Silverlight 2 was new, we had a Silverlight User Group in Milwaukee.

Tuesday, June 7th we are re-launching the Milwaukee Silverlight Special Interested Group.  I will be presenting on the topic "What's new in Silverlight 5".  I would highly suggest attending this meeting if you are a Silverlight or Windows Phone 7 developer or at all interested in these topics.  We will be looking to talk to local developers about what Silverlight topics interest them and will also be recruiting presenters for future meetings.

A location map and registration can be found here:  http://www.wi-ineta.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=192 .  I hope to see you there!


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