Vote for my MIX2011 Sessions

by Damon Payne 25. January 2011 14:12

My proposals for MIX 2011 have made the initial cut and are on the MIX Open Call site for voting!  Even if you're not going to MIX, head over to and vote on what sounds interesting.

You can read about my proposals at:

Advanced MVVM Techniques for Silverlight Business Applications

WCF Patterns and Practices for Silverlight

Wish me luck! 


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Google Merchant Blog Mentions Edgenet

by Damon Payne 10. January 2011 11:31

The Google Merchant Blog mentiones my project directly:

We are starting this effort through a business partnership with Edgenet, a provider of product data management solutions. Manufacturers and suppliers can work directly with Edgenet's Ezeedata service to submit high-quality product data and images to Google. For more information, you can visit their website, at

This is the gigantic Silverlight/WCF effor I mentioned before.

{Edit: this post puts us on the "Google Acquisition Watch List" }


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by Damon Payne 2. January 2011 20:44

This is a test post!

Hopefully this example post down here works and looks super duper! 


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