BigHammer/EdgeNet is hiring

by Administrator 27. February 2010 20:13

If you’ve ran into me at a community event lately you may have caught me saying something along the lines of working too many hours.  You no doubt felt bad for me and wished you could do something, anything, to help me in my predicament.  Most of the time your sympathy came in the form of beer, which is greatly appreciated.  However if you really want to contribute to the Save Damon Foundation you should come and work for me!

Ok, bad jokes aside, we are hiring for my team.  We currently have offices in Waukesha (WI), Nashville, and Atlanta, although people have worked remotely from all over the place in the past.

What would you be working on?  A large family of applications with terabytes of data.  Our current process and technology mix looks something like this:

  • jQuery
  • WCF
  • All Microsoft application stack
  • Team System
  • Scrum
  • Silverlight 3
  • Silverlight 4
  • MEF
  • Unity
  • AbunchofotherstuffIcanthinkofrightnow

Leave me a comment or contact me for more details.


Would you go see this talk? (MEF)

by Administrator 14. February 2010 20:56

I am preparing a talk for the spring code camps and conferences.  Would you go see this talk?

What can I do with MEF?

The Managed Extensibility Framework has left excitement and confusion in its wake as .NET 4 moves towards release. What can I use this for? What should I use this for? Is this another IoC/DI container? What about Unity? What about the System.AddIn namespace? In this talk we will explain the workings of MEF using straightforward examples and then dig deep into the real power of MEF using examples including MEF for Silverlight, MEF for WPF, and MEF for Enterprise services.

Leave a comment, and thanks!


Preparing for the 2010 Global MVP Summit

by Administrator 14. February 2010 20:24

Starting tomorrow I’ll be attending the 2010 Global MVP Summit in the Seattle area.

After working way too hard since, well, pretty much since July of 2009, I will be taking some me time.  Not everyone would consider this kind of event a break but for me this is as exciting as an exotic vacation.  Of course I can’t talk about anything that’s going on during this week, so to the untrained eye following me on twitter it may appear that I am merely goofing off and drinking beer for five days.  In the past I have always found events like this to be a mix of actual learning value and chance to take one’s self out of the daily grind of deadlines and features to gain perspective and recharge.  While I expect this to be the most learning-heavy event I’ve ever attended I’ve also really never needed to recharge as badly as I do right now.  Between the actual session content, putting faces with virtual names, and the organized social events it looks like sleep is going to be hard to come by.  This means my recently worsening insomnia may prove to be a valuable (well, OK, tolerable) asset.

Work and personal factors have kept me from writing much for the past month (since December, really) so I have three personal technical goals for this week as well.  I hope to have time to hack on some personal items as well.

I’ll be using the twitter tag #mvp10.  Here’s to a great geek holiday.


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