Going to MIX 2010

by Administrator 30. January 2010 20:53

I haven’t decided where I’m staying yet, but I will be attending MIX 2010 March 15th – 17th.  Are you going to MIX? Drop me a comment!  I will likely be accompanied by someone from BigHammer but I’m always looking for other people to drink beer learn with!  I’ll obviously be leaning heavily towards the Silverlight sessions.  If MIX 2009 is any indication there should be some great content in March. 

Of course, I am hoping to finally see a completely awesome Windows Mobile 7 announcement.  Please?


First Post

by Administrator 4. January 2010 02:31

After having taken most of December 2009 and the first few days of January off of blogging I’m back with my traditional first post of 2010.  There are six years worth of blogging history listed to the right, and I was blogging for 6 years before that, starting as so many people did on Geocities.  I do enjoy using the new year as a moment of reflection, and I do enjoy putting a subset of that reflection online as a public record I can go back and check.

How was 2009?

Blogging & Community

I’m not sure if I’ve ever come out and said this, but my goal with blogging has never been to write a Widely Accessible blog.  I’ll leave that to people who are extremely good at it like Shawn Wildermuth and Tim Huer.  There are plenty of people who will write the “Quick tour of Silverlight 4” articles and bless them for it, I know I benefit from their work.

I like to write more in depth articles, things not everyone will get their head around.  Things involving design patterns, Reflection Emit, and approaches to wrangling complexity.  On one hand maybe that makes me an elitist, on the other hand I like to think I’m just catering to a different (smaller) audience.  If you want to know how to do TwoWay binding to dictionaries in Silverlight 3 or handle single-import Recomposition in MEF then I’m your man.

From that perspective I think I did pretty OK in 2009.  I would have liked to have gotten much further in the development of the AGT project and possibly blogged a little bit more in general.  In Q4 2009 I tried to settle on a 1 article per week rhythm that I didn’t quite meet.

Community wise I exceeded my own goals in all areas but one.  I was re-awarded the Microsoft MVP, I did something like 9 public speaking events and attended several first party Microsoft events like MDC.  What I wish I’d done more of was to attend my own local .NET User Group meetings.  I have a valid excuse for this, however.  These are always on Tuesdays, and Tuesday night is extremely overloaded for me.  I have the BigHammer Patterns and Practices group which is usually followed by a wine tasting in downtown Milwaukee, a trivia game, and the occasional CarSpot Reunion.


2009 was a hard year.  I worked way too much in 2009.  This cannot continue.  My kids are growing up so fast and they are outrageously fun.  While we managed to have some family fun, I did goof in not taking my wife on a kid-less vacation in 2009.  Hopefully my friends and family will agree that I took my cooking to the next level, though there are many levels yet to go.  Despite some hard stretches this year, I did get my dream car and stockpiled a lot of wine in my basement.

The biggest personal defeats of 2009 were just plain not finding time for some of my personal projects and not exercising at all.


Professionally, 2009 was murder.  I went from being Director of Solution Strategy at CarSpot at the end of 2008 to freelance consultant while looking for work to Guy who Writes Code at BigHammer.  I worked way too much and every other area of my life suffered as a result.  Enough said about that.

Goals for 2010

Blogging & Community Goals

  • Consistent with my stated blogging goals, I’ve got a lot of solid technical content coming in 2010.  I’m shooting for a rhythm of one technical and one personal/cultural article per week.  I would also like to pull of one Political article per month – I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about in 2010.
  • I need to make it to the Milwaukee-area Wisconsin .NET User’s group more often when there’s not delicious wine to be tasted.
  • I am attending the 2010 Global MVP Summit next month, which should be completely awesome.
  • There’s a good chance I’m going to MIX in March, which should also be awesome.
  • I would like to do at least six Regional speaking events in 2010 ranging from nearby to Indianapolis to Minnesota.
  • I would like to possibly encourage the reformation of the local Silverlight Special Interest Group
  • I would like to schedule some Nerd Lunches and Nerd Dinners, which I did VERY little of in 2009


I need to work less in 2010, and I need to take my wife on a vacation. 

  • I also absolutely need to make time for some of my personal projects. 
    • Assuming Windows Mobile 7 ever happens I’d like to have one mobile application and one website pulling in a few bucks by the end of the year.
  • Light exercise, like 30 sit-ups a day (starting tomorrow)
  • I need to re-engage with the Klipsch community !
  • Buy a snow blower or contract a service (my neighbors know what I mean)

Other than that my personal goals are none of your business ;)


I need to work less in 2010.  I also have some goals specific to my current position that I can’t really talk about.  There’s also a lot of overlap here with the Blogging and Community Goals.  Professional-wise I think 2010 may be a year to shore up and make sure I’m as good in certain areas as I think I am. 

I am also going to get at least “C+ competent” at regular expressions this year.  I’ve avoided becoming even familiar with regex for the past 15+ years and this must stop.  A very simple URL rewriting regex for IIS 7 took me WAY too long to get right today.

I wish you all a happy and productive 2010.


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