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by Administrator 15. April 2009 16:13


This post is coming to you from my new Mobile Workstation.  Having seen The Vanderboom’s Alienware M17 I knew something similar would be my next laptop but I wasn’t ready to purchase.  My wife’s venerable Tablet PC dying initiated a chain of hand-me-downs ending in me getting a maxed-out M17.  This thing is definitely the nicest laptop I’ve ever owned, and is barely any larger than the Dell Vostro it replaces.

  • Vista Ultimate x64
  • 17” 1900x1200 screen
  • Core 2 Extreme Quad 2.53ghz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 7200RPM drive
  • Blu-ray drive

About the only thing I didn’t upgrade is to get the solid state drive.  When prices come down I’ll upgrade that.

I went for a quad core rather than the fastest dual core in order to help keep forcing myself to think in terms of parallelism when I need a speed increase.  I also have a long-incubating Parallel Programming in .NET talk that I’ve held off on giving publicly because, well, the examples are just plain not that inspiring without at least four cores in my opinion. 

I’m giving the keynote at the Fox Valley Day of .NET next month, but they had some extra session slots.  It looks like my talk on the Parallel Extensions to .NET has been accepted for this conference, so me and my new Alienware pal will be there in style crunching data and graphics.

Also, the keyboard glows.


Mix it UP! – Indy NDA

by Administrator 10. April 2009 20:59

Last night I did my first stop on the Mix it Up! tour: the Indy NDA group in Indianapolis, IN.  These guys have got it made.  They have an absolutely fantastic group of people, a great location, and a TON of swag at every meeting.  I was pleased to be bringing some t-shirts and copies of Expression Studio only to show up abd find 20 books, a webcam, and various other nice prices already on the swag table.

These guys are hard-core too:  Their attendance is 120 people and up for every event, and they hold various SIG groups right after the main user group meeting.  After I did the Mix it up content they invited me into their Architecture SIG meeting to discuss the MVC pattern and we ended up talking about map reduce and the Parallel Extensions for the .net framework.  Thanks, guys, for having me, and maybe I’ll be back again.


Movie Night

by Administrator 3. April 2009 01:00

I keep meaning to blog about movie nights so people in the area can be informed and so I can keep a history.  Tomorrow’s movie night is King Kong in glorious high definition. 

04.03.2009 8PM – Contact me for details.

Now, bear witness to my poor photography and composition skills and burn the movie night splash logo into your retinas:


I’ve really got to take some better photos.


Mix It Up! Tour Dates

by Administrator 1. April 2009 03:11

The What:

A whole lot of goodness was announced at MIX09.  Many of us were unable to attend.  Larry Clarkin and Dave Bost of Microsoft decided to locate some dedicated Web/RIA geeks in the Midwest region to bring an ultra-condensed version of the MIX09 announcements to user groups, conferences, and code camps.  While the level of detail won’t equal what you would have gotten by going to MIX09, we can hopefully get you excited about what’s coming up and answer some of your questions. 

The Who:

Corey Miller

Anthony Handley

Damon Payne

Josh Holmes

Larry Clarkin

The When:

  • 4/1 CD2UG (Corey Miller / Anthony Handley) – The first stop, I’ll be heading down to Chicago tomorrow to provide moral support and take notes on how things flow.
  • 4/9 Indianapolis, IN (Damon Payne)
  • 4/15 CNUG (Corey Miller/ Anthony Handley/ Josh Holmes)
  • 4/30 Lake County (Anthony Handley)
  • 5/6 Madison, WI (Damon Payne)
  • 5/8 RIAPalooza (Anthony Handley)
  • 5/9 Fox Valley Day of .NET (Damon Payne/ Larry Clarkin) – This is a day long conference, and our presentation will serve as the keynote for this event!
  • 5/12 Milwaukee (Damon Payne)
  • 5/12 Ft Wayne, IN (Corey Miller)
  • 5/14 Chippewa Falls, WI (Damon Payne) – hopefully I can be forgiven for looking forward to this date most of all.  Doug has promised to book the Leine Lodge for this presentation.  Beer + Silverlight = shangri-la
  • 5/16 Indy Code Camp (Josh Holmes)
  • 5/19 South Bend, IN (Corey Miller)
  • 5/26 Rockford, Il (Josh Holmes)
  • 5/30 Chicago Code Camp (Josh Holmes – possibly others?)

See you there!


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