Introducing David Snopek

by Administrator 31. October 2007 19:06

One of my co-workers has decided to get with the 00s and start blogging.  Introducing David Snopek!  He is not a .Net developer, yet: silverlight+mono+DLR will win over even some diehard Microsoft haters.  David is my favorite sparring partner at CarSpot, so hopefully we can take our disagreements into the blogosphere for your entertainment.



by Administrator 22. October 2007 01:31

I'm sitting at my kitchen table tonight burning about a dozen podcasts for my commute.  For a while I stuck to Dot Net Rocks but I've been throwing in the occasional Hanselminutes and Audioholics into the mix as well.  Tonight is the first time in a while I donn't truly have to do anything right now.  I still can't make any public announcements on the work situation but suffice to say my typical day is go to work --> pick up daughter --> put kiddo to bed at 8pm --> work till 12pm; throw in some required travel and marathon meetings and I'm more than a little tired.  I have two solid, relevant articles I need to complete and just haven't had the time.  In the next two weeks I'll be getting our new WPF based product into a demoable state and preparing for a talk in front of 600 people in Atlanta.

Tonight shall be spent catching up on Netflix night with my friend M. Chateauneuf du Pape and little else. 

Some people I know personally got an invitation to see Bram Stoker's Dracula on BD this weekend as one of my two Halloween movie nights this month.  I would encourage Milwaukee area nerds to try to make this one, in addition to the screening of one of my favorite films someone has promised to bring over a Halo edition 360 for some 106" front projection large and loud H3 action. 


WPF Designer

by Administrator 15. October 2007 17:32

In previous articles I've shown how to host the Windows Forms designer outside of Visual Studio, which can be very useful in some sitations.  I had some down time before catching a plane (read: didn't want to start something bigger) so I started looking into the WPF designer.  The WPF designer, code-named "Cider", will not be hostable outside Visual Studio in the first release.  I will be providing feedback through the appropriate channels...

I'm going to go back and finish my ClickOnce thoughts next.


The Age of Turbulence

by Administrator 5. October 2007 20:33

I just received my copy of "The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a new world" by Alan Greenspan.  In college I didn't follow politics with the interest that I do now, but one of my best friends was studying finance and is now a major analyst for Bank One (or whoever bought them) in Chicago.  Despite having a bit of a bleeding heart sometimes, he always spoke highly of Mr. Greenspan, commenting on his clarity of analysis and his cold, appropriate focus on facts combined with his incredible vision.  When I learned that Greenspan had become a member of Ayn Rand's inner circle many years ago, I thought it likely that solid moral principles (as well as a great mind) had been guiding his intelligent decisions throughout his career.  I consider Greenspan a rare example in today's political climate, and he may be one of the most well known confirmed Objectivists still alive.  I wonder if the anti-life religoius zealots in the then-growing Republican Right knew what principles Greenspan really stood for; despite being callled a "Republican lacky" for many years, I don't think Greenspan thinks much of the current neocon nonsense.  Read the book to see.


New Toy #2

by Administrator 5. October 2007 15:38

I'm very excited about new toy #2 today.  This is the Splitfish FragFX for the PS3.  The XBox 360 needs an accessory like this as soon as possible.  The right analog stick has been turned into a mouse, and more importantly (though I have not tested it yet) they claim to have compensated for the analog accelleration (different sensitivity based on how far you push the stick) to make it smooth as silk.  Since I've been playing with a mouse since 1995 I've had trouble playing FPS games on consoles; I actually believe that anyone who were to learn both methods for the 1st time today would find the mouse to be superior anyway.  Those who claim the dual analog controllers are "just as good" will soon be very frustrated as I circle-strafe them.


New toy #1

by Administrator 5. October 2007 15:33

This is my 1st new toy today, The Rocket.  This is a mobile wifi hotspot and router with a cellular card, running some kind of Linux distribution.  I think I shall plug this into my car adapter and go work from the lakefront later.


Milwaukee Job Openings

by Administrator 4. October 2007 03:08

I need to hire some people into my department at, I cannot share very many details right now but I'm hoping to get clearance to make some kind of announcement before Q1 2008.  I am looking for the following full time positions:

  • An entry level person, hiring from now to December.  UW-Whitewater, UW-Madison, MSOE, UW-Milwaukee December grads with .Net classroom experience are encouraged to apply.  This is a good chance to start your career doing real work.  May 2008 graduates, save my address.
  • An Electrical Engineer:  I can't share solid requirements on this position yet but will open dialogue with interested parties.
  • A very solid mobile/compact framework person, or an extremely solid .NET developer who can demonstrate ability to very quickly become a mobile superstar.  This position is unique in that it offers a combination of maintenance of current products, creation of new products, and will involve some open-ended R&D.
  • An all-around .NET person.  Windows Forms, Web Forms, Web Services, SQL skills, knowledge of UML, design patterns, likes NUnit and NCover, possibly interested in doing high level design.

It would be fantastic if one of these people had strong Win32/COM/C++ skills.  I will also consider local consultants for some specific work.

As I mentioned before,  I can't make any public announcement right now, but I can share the details in person with serious candidates.  I don't think I can over-state how f()*&*!ng cool CarSpot is right now.  We are taking over a very large space in our current building above the Milwaukee Ale House with a pool table and other niceties.  We've got .NET/Windows people, Linux people, MAC people, and there are some very cool things happening right now which should be obvious if I'm considering bringing four people on board.  There aren't many places in Milwaukee where beer-infested programmer meetings are expensable, you can get a wireless data card and work in the park, and the department head (moi) will feed you ribs and sweet corn during the summer.  Flexibility is critical here, once trust is established and it's shown that you get your work done, you are given a long leash.  I work from home sometimes, I work from the bar downstairs sometimes, some people work from the park, etc. 

We will be working with recruiters very soon, but for now forward resumes to .


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