Compact Framework FTP server

by Administrator 30. August 2007 16:45

One of our OEMs provides an FTP server that is built in C and compiled against Windows CE 4.2.  The new version of a another device that connects to this server via its own FTP client no longer works for some reason, this 2nd OEM claims that some timeout or tolerance in the device is too touchy and that it simply cannot speak to this FTP server.  Doing some searching I found a partial FTP RFC implementation originally posted on gotdotnet and authored by a gentleman by the name of   There doesn't appear to be any open source license present so I got the source, hacked it to run on the CF, removed a cumbersome custom logging interface to replace it with the CF version of log4net, and cleaned up deprecated code warnings for CF2.0.  The idea was I would send the OEM a log of FTP server sessions to determine which tolerences needed to be increased, but the device in question talks fine to my new custom FTP server running on CE.  I continue to be a big fan of the performance of .NET.

Up to this point I usually don't make full source available with articles but I'm thinking I should change that policy once I've chosen an appropriate open source license.  Would anyone like an FTP implementation in C#?


This says it all

by Administrator 29. August 2007 15:20

Via FriendlyAtheist:

There's a good chance that people's notion of "human solidarity" will triumph in the end, slowly but surely.


Money Back

by Administrator 29. August 2007 03:15

I was left a comment tonight from someone saying "I want my money back - from your blog."  Apparently I have not written enough this summer to suit some!  I don't apologize for not blogging, nor for mentioning articles that will come out some day.  In the words of John Carmack "It's done when it's done".  I also try to keep the signal to noise ratio high as opposed to blogging about my trip to Starbucks or how fun it is to mow the lawn.    I haven't been able to blog at work lately, and at home I must confess I've been sucked back into acoustics for a while.  My acoustic treatment project is turning out to be much more complicated than I thought, as the science of the field has advanced far beyond "Master Handbook of Acoustics".



by Administrator 13. August 2007 17:31

I haven't been able to try my lighting technique yet, so for now you'll have to put up with more bad photography.  Here is a shot of the seating I mentioned:


Personal Notes

by Administrator 8. August 2007 05:15

My car stranded me on the side of the freeway this morning, the alternator belt dropped off.  My Subaru dealer suggested that 'rocks or animals' might be responsible.  Yeah, the gophers in my yard must have it in for me.  Anyway add 'car' to the list of things I've broken recently.   I got my projector back today at least, and chilled in the home theater for several hours tonight while I wrote some code.  I should be back in action on nearly all fronts tomorrow, my productivity has been abysmal of late.

  • I've been enjoying the HBO Series "Rome" via Netflix.  I could never comit the time to actually keep up with a miniseries while it's on, but HBO's original programming is interesting.
  • On Thursday the home theater recliners Jen and I bought come in.  They are very nice Palliser leather home theater chairs.  I've also made some cosmetic changes to the home theater, so I will experiment with lighting and try to take some decent pictures; I think this is going to involve me carrying lamps down there.
  • I often post about audio/video related gatherings, often as part of the Klipsch Forums group.  This week people from Indianapolis, Maryland, Chicago, and California are coming up for a Lake Country gathering taking place at my house and two others.  Friday at my place is the first event and we are watching "300" on BluRay, this will be sandwiched between what is usually hours of system tweaking, scene demoing, watching trailers, playing HD games, equipment auditioning, and audio geek stuff like that.  Lots of jazz and beer, and I should be fully recharged by sunday afternoon.

That's all for now.  I have WORKING HARDWARE so I can resume my technical articles.  I need to get some sleep now so I can perform my scrum master duties tomorrow.



by Administrator 7. August 2007 01:47

Milton Friedman, not strictly an objectivist, has some great quotes in Capitalism and Freedom.  Today, musing over my issues with UPS (didn't deliver my projector), Dell, Subaru (the local dealer not the car company that I still admire), and others, one idea from his book came back to me.  I'm going to slightly mis-quote this admirable thinker rather than dig through his book for the exact words of this quote, forgive my laziness:

"You can coerce people to be at a certain place at a certain time, and to perform a task in that place for a certain number of hours, but you cannot coerce people to do their best."

You cannot use force on people to get them to give up the best products of their minds. 


Laptop Saga

by Administrator 6. August 2007 19:35

So I get a box from Dell today.  I open it, its a completely different system than mine, which they told me was still a shipping configuration, so I could pull out my old HD, stick it into the newly arriving system, and be on my merry way.  This new Vostro has Vista on it which if I remember right from Brennan's blog means I'm shit out of luck insofar as downgrading to XP, or at the very least in for a lot of pain.  The latest version of Mobile Device Center does seem to work with my CE 4.2 devices that I need, so maybe I'll just use Vista on the laptop.  Of course they seem to have given me a slower HD rather than the 7200RPM serialATA I paid for.  I don't think I'll purchase anything from Dell in the future.


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