IBM's Chief Architect Says Software is at Dead End

by Administrator 30. January 2007 17:14

Interesting that software is "at a dead end" is the analysis based on this news.  Why not rather announce that most software/programming tasks are fundamentally sequential and not paralel in nature, and conclude that there is a tremendous disconnect between what's going on in the hardware and software communities?



by Administrator 29. January 2007 18:04

A little .NET news today.

It appears that something fundamental like Application.StartupPath is broken in .Net 1.1 in some situations.  If your application was not started via a shortcut, but some other system service like registering a device plug-in event with the WIA Automation tools then .NET will report the StartupPath as \windows\system32 instead of the actual location of your .exe. 


BluRay movies

by Administrator 21. January 2007 17:21

I've seen a few BD movies now: Black Hawk Down, The Descent, Ice Age 2, Total Recall, Underworld: Evolution.  The difference in quality is amazing.  Its easy to get used to how it looks until I switch to a standard DVD of the same content.  On large screens pretty much every flaw is visible and doing A/B between BD and DVD leaves no question that HD optical discs are "worth it" in terms of cost/benefit.  The HD optical discs on the PS3 and 360 are genious in that respect since many people have/would have the systems anyway.

Waiting for Virtua Fighter 5 and Lair now...


Playstation 3 in the haus

by Administrator 8. January 2007 16:49

Opening my mail yesterday (I was way behind) a surprise property tax refund nagged me to buy a Playstation 3.  I'm surprised how much head-shaking and criticism this has been met with from my gamer friends.  The price and the weak launch lineup are the most commonly cited reasons.  The PS2 had a far worse launch with a worse shortage and weaker launch lineup and 75million consoles later I don't hear anyone complaining.  As for the price, well, I wanted a BluRay player for my home theater so even if I never play any games I'll get my $600 worth.  I was playing Blast Factor last night and I'm downloading Gran Tourismo HD tonight.  I've never been a fan of FPS games on a console (too stuck in the PC mode of play control) so I'll be passing on what are the big PS3 games right now: Reistance: Fall of Man and Call of Honor or Medal of Duty 3 or whatever it's called.  Indeed I think I'll be finishing FFXII on the PS3 and doing the downloadable games for a while until Lair comes out, and of course Final Fantasy XIII this fall.

I'm having a lot of fun, lighten up Sony haters.

(Of course when the Xbox 360 comes out with an HDMI connection I might have to score one of those to play that BioShock thinger that's coming out)


First Day

by Administrator 8. January 2007 16:31
Jen started her new job today, much to her chagrin as she got used to her month off of not working or going to school.  She's on days this week (except for Tuesday) and then begins her regular nights schedule next week.  This is knocking a dent in family dinners and quality time but I suppose the consolation prize is I get get to work watch the Friday the 13th boxed set I got for xmas.

Congratulations Jen, and hurry up and start bringing home aditional bacon! ;)


At the mountains of madness

by Administrator 8. January 2007 16:06

I like horror movies and H.P. Lovecraft, very cool.


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