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by Administrator 21. November 2006 18:08


The Hobbit: The Suck

by Administrator 20. November 2006 16:17

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Hollywood continues to suck.  Hollywood is a great example of a bunch of old idiots who are living in a meticulously constructed fantasy world of their own, then blaming movie downloads on their malaise, rather than the fact that they they make terrible decisions over and over again.



The Hobbit: The Movie

by Administrator 15. November 2006 17:25

I am a Lord of the Rings nerd, and I don't mind saying so.  Hell, I'm even an armchair Tolkein Scholar, if that gives you any idea how much of a nerd I am.  I don't speak any made up languages but I really enjoy the depth of the mythology.  The LOTR movies directed by Peter Jackson are among the best films to come out of Hollywood in recent memory.

Reading here

You can see that The Hobbit is indeed on track to become a movie, though it may be a few years before production begins.

Glas tulo na min oh hé siniath!



by Administrator 15. November 2006 17:11

I spent a bit of time yesterday hacking Codus to work on .NET 2.0 and generate generic classes and collections for data access.  Talking to Sean from Adapdev a bit it looks like I'm going to try to clean this up and contribute the changes so they're available in future Codus and Adapdev.Net releases.  So, if you have been looking for .Net 2 support in these excellent tools, it seems its on the way.



by Administrator 13. November 2006 19:23

Despite being a Microsoft FanBoy, I have long enjoyed the Playstation franchise.  While I don't have the time to procure one by camping out the video of Final Fantasy XIII has convinced me that the PS3 is going to ultimately be the dominant platform yet again.  There aren't any launch games I'm interested in but if I saw one sitting on the shelf at Target I'd probably pick it up just for a BluRay player.

Note to Sony and MSFT: you suck when it comes to releasing your consoles.  Sony expects to sell 7,000,000 units as quickly as they can make them and I see no reason to doubt it.  Why, then, launch with only 400,000 units in the US?  That's 8,000 per state if distributed evenly, and how many BestBuy, KMart, Target, Walmart, EBGames, Toys 'R Us are they then split between?  What's the point of advertising and such when not even half of the "very hard core gamers" will be able to get one. 


And after that was silence

by Administrator 9. November 2006 17:43

Note the strange silence after yesterday's elections.

Where are the broken voting machines and screams of foul play?
Where are the people turned away from the voting booth by scary people?
Where are the misleading ballots that trick you into voting for the wrong candidate?
The hanging chads?
The hacked-into diebold machines?
I guess those only happen when the republicans win the day.  How did we get through yesterday with only a single recount?  I guess those things only happen when the republicans win the day.  A republican victory, we should believe, is a sham, a proof of foul play, an abomination impossible to conceive.  A democratic victory is an affirmation, a proof of the righteous mandate of the people.

Oh well, back to writing code.


Mid Term Elections

by Administrator 8. November 2006 18:50

In Wisconsin here, we re-elected our Governor, and across the nation democrats are exhalted in their wins in House and Senate.  Somehow, I don't expect much to change.  The democrats have gotten more conservative and the republicans have started spending more money and thumping the bible.  They both serve the same corporate masters anyway.  Politics has turned into a footbal game beneath a 3-ring big top where team loyalty drives most discussion.  For my part, I don't vote for the DemoPublicans/Republocrats anymore.  I voted for 3rd party or independent candidates across the board yesterday.

My perspective on the democrat wins: I'm glad that flying cars, global happiness, unprecedented prosperity, meals in pill form, and universal harmony are just around the corner now!  I don't know which I shoud do first: go ahead and go out to spend $$ against the increased prosperity that is undoubtedly a few months away now, or maybe book my honeymoon in Iraq since it is probably about to be super-peaceful and friendly to westerners in a few weeks, or hell, I think I'll just go lick some doorknobs since the price of health care will be plummeting in a few hours, those doorknobs will be in Grand Central Station since the 85-cent-per-gallon-gas that's about to go on sale will make my roadtrip very affordable!


Theater Date

by Administrator 8. November 2006 15:59

If I can get everything squared away with borrowing the knockdown finish texturing device, carpet, and final inspection my theater will launch on November 29th.  The projector and screen came in yesterday and everything is coming together.  This has been a long time in the planning and development.



by Administrator 3. November 2006 20:21

So, this weekend I will be drywalling my home theater room.  This is the last step before I can paint it and subsequently watch The Matrix on my 106" screen.  The effort took a little longer than I wanted and cost a little bit more but I'm better off for the experience.  I would upgrade myself to Moderately Handy now.  I was trying to get this all done before Thanksgiving which will be a challenge since I am also doing some work from home and planning a wedding right now and those things must take priority.  I was hoping to just be able to pay someone to do the drywall. 

I got three quotes.  The cost, of course, was at least three times what I expected a one room job to cost.  And people think software is expensive and goes over budget.  So, I have 35 sheets of gypsum hardboard in my basement right now and I'll be spending at least two weeks mudding and sanding after its hung.




Custom Session State Providers

by Administrator 1. November 2006 19:18

For some reason I had been under the impression that there was not a provider model for session state in ASP2.0.  It seemed a shame that I could not provide my own iplementation for session state in my app. shows that this was an incorrect assumption.

You may wonder what could possibly make someone want to implement their own session state provider?  While doing some pie in the sky architectural thinking about my current production environment I noticed that it does not seem that StateServer is clusterable.  I somehow don't think I'll ever get around to digging into this seriously, but I wonder what it would take to create a clusterable StateServer implementation?


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