by Administrator 16. August 2006 15:49

After becoming frustrated at "Visual Studio 2005 command prompt" yet again I become a powershell user today.  I'm not doing any scripting right now but its good to see MSFT recognize that a good command line can be very handy.


Something Different

by Administrator 14. August 2006 01:50

I am done with my stint in the Land of Beer, and with being a consultant. 

Long story short, I am going to start building the .Net development department at a product-oriented technology company in Milwaukee.  Having been a consultant for my entire career this is a new direction for me to go in.  I have no complaints about SafeNet at all, and I'd still highly recommend talking to them if you want to do consulting in SE Wisconsin.

The details of my new gig will leak out over the coming weeks as titles are finalized and things take more form.  In the meantime, I need to start writing about technology again.


Help me Understand

by Administrator 1. August 2006 19:11

private const string DOLLAR_SIGN = "$";
private const string COMMA = ",";



Make that code maintainable

by Administrator 1. August 2006 17:52

Which bit of code do you think is more maintainable by someone other than the original developer:

if(_speakerTypeCode == 543678){

//do something



enum SpeakerTypes {

HornLoaded = 543678,

Electrostatic = 12334

if(_speakerTypeCode.Equals( SpeakerTypes.HornLoaded)){

//do something


I'm still amazed at some of the things I find in code, sometimes even my own code.  The above monstrosity is not mine, although I do occasionally find something abhorrent in my own code.  I read a blog recently, I believe it was the Shade Tree Developer, who said that this is a great way to gage personal growth.  Go back and look at code you wrote and see if you find things that you'd never do today.


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