div and CSS2

by Administrator 29. June 2006 18:19

I just completed an "alpha"  version of a for-fun website related to my audio hobby: http://www.klipschcorner.com/

I have not had to do much in the way of web design for a while but I set out to make this design work using only CSS and DIV tags, tables are the way of the past or so I read.  I had a fairly frustrating time at this.  The last time I had to do any kind of real layout was a couple of years ago.  It seemed that you could pretty easily support a good layout with Firefox and IE without creating conditional code by using some basic CSS stuff and tables for layout.  With the current CSS implementations of IE, Firefox, Safari it seems that I'm back in 1998 with even some very basic things looking radically different in each browser.



Return of C++

by Administrator 19. June 2006 18:05

For various reasons I've had to get back into unmanaged code in C++.  This turned out to be a lot worse than I thought it would be.  My college courses were in C++ and I did a little OpenGL programming using visual C++5 or 6, and my first job was doing a lot of cool C++ stuff.  However, that was most on the Solaris platform using stuff like Vi, the sun workshop compiler, and the RogueWave libraries for things like Time, Strings, and Money.  I never got into MFC or programming C++ on Win32.  Obviously things like LPSTR and "DEF" files and such are completely new to me, if it wasn't for Chad Albrecht I would have lost my mind already.  When I take a look at the things that are coming up on my plate, though, I can see that this isn't necessarily going to just go away, SO...

If anyone can recommend some good literature for getting into MFC and Win32 programming using eVC4 and/or VS2005 I'd appreciate it.


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